Missing Points and Ways in JOSM

Up till now I’ve been using Potlatch. Just started using JOSM - which is great because the resolution is better and so much more accurate when placing nodes. The problem is that all nodes and ways are visible as editable in Potlatch - but some of those are missing in JOSM.

I’m not talking about using 2 editors simultaneously, nor using data that has recently been uploaded, nor data that might be missing because of too small a bounding box, but data that should be smack-bang within the existing data points. Nor am I talking about viewing data riverbelle casino https://sites.google.com/view/riverbellecasino/home in Mapnick or Osmarender with their inherent delays. Im talking about visibility within the two editors.

I’ve noticed the last visible node is owned by another user - is the reason I can see no further that the rest of the way is owned by someone else? If that’s the case why is it OK to edit any nodes and tracks in Potlatch but not JOSM? Or is the reason something else completely.

You may have a filter turned on in JOSM. Outside of that JOSM displays everything you downloaded and is no different than P2 in that respect. If you can’t find what is wrong, a screenshot and a URL linking to the location on openstreetmap.org would be helpful.