Missing Points and Ways in JOSM

Up till now I’ve been using Potlatch. Just started using JOSM - which is great because the resolution is better and so much more accurate when placing nodes. The problem is that all nodes and ways are visible as editable in Potlatch - but some of those are missing in JOSM.

I’m not talking about using 2 editors simultaneously, nor using data that has recently been uploaded, nor data that might be missing because of too small a bounding box, but data that should be smack-bang within the existing data points. Nor am I talking about viewing data in Mapnick or Osmarender with their inherent delays. Im talking about visibility within the two editors.

I’ve noticed the last visible node is owned by another user - is the reason I can see no further that the rest of the way is owned by someone else? If that’s the case why is it OK to edit any nodes and tracks in Potlatch but not JOSM? Or is the reason something else completely.

Dont really recognise the issue you’re talking about here. All nodes/ways (regardless of who created them) are visible and editable in JOSM, just as they are in Potlatch.

The difference in JOSM is that you have a ‘downloaded area’. You should only be trying to edit within that downloaded area. Beyond the downloaded area you’ll see the tail ends of any ways which pass through the area. These might be ways going slightly over the edge, or very long ways indeed, with hundreds of nodes going a long way off the edge of your downloaded area. That’s because it is loading in the whole way (or rather, the API is supplying the whole way) Of course the “whole way” might mean the whole extent of a long and winding road, but if a long and winding road is split into sections (e.g. if it goes over a bridge, or has some other changing properties along its length) then you will only get the ways which lie within the bounding box of the downloaded area. Ways created/last edited by different users, has no effect on what gets downloaded.

Anyway the correct way to use JOSM is to ignore straggling bits of data off the edge of your downloaded area. Only edit stuff within the downloaded area box. If you need to edit off the edge of the box, you should download another area.

Not sure if that’s answering your question though.

Hit F12, go to display settings and click the ‘draw boundaries of downloaded data’ box, and if no way sits completely outside that box then the issue is just that you haven’t downloaded the area, as Harry Wood basically said.

Further to the point that you should ‘ignore’ straggling bits of data off the edge of your downloaded area, I would actually say you shouldn’t ever touch this data as you may mess up data as it’s impossible to see why everything is where it is if you haven’t downloaded everything in that area.

I think you have it - my downloaded area was just a bit too tight. I extended it and, yeah you guessed, the missing ways and points appeared.

Maybe it’s a case of making the area big enough to cover the entirety of the way you are editing. Anyway - thanks for the tip regarding editing only inside the bounding box. Much appreciated.