Missing my waypoints in Potlatch


I did not find this being mentioned here or in Trac, therefore
I give it a try here.

Since some days I can’t see my waypoints (these green circles)
in Potlatch anylonger. The waypoints are there: I can see them
when opening the gpx file w/ vim and in JOSM.

What do I do wrong? Is there a new hidden knob to turn the
circles on again?

Thanks in advance for you help,


If you can still see tracklogs but no waypoints anymore then I guess Potlatch has been updated to a new version in which it doesn’t show those waypoints anymore. RichardF can tell you more about this though…

For me the “green circles” are still visible. Check here:

the path through the park was one of my early experiments, I have still to correct.
If it does not show, I suppose it has something to do with the settings, but I know not enough of POTLACH to say where it is.


thanks for your answers.

@Lambertus: Yes, I still see my gps traces. Do you see your waypoints?

@Hugo_H: I don’t mean “general green circles” :slight_smile: used for marking POIs,
amenities and so on. I still see those ones. What I am missing are these
markers along a gps trace, which signal a waypoint I manually set with
my gps device. At these points I usually have voice records of what has
happend along the way to this point. Or simply to mark a point which I later
will convert to a POI, etc.

Those way point markers have been very useful, at least, to me. Would be
a real pity to not have them any longer.


I have never uploaded any waypoints nor do I use Potlatch enough to know it functions normally, so I don’t know if they are/should be visible. Sorry.


have checked and also see no green circles in Potlach, where I expect them. I never use POTLACH for serious editing, only when a minor change has to be made, like typos in names. My editor is JOSM

Waypoints would be nice to have but do you think they should be displayed in potlatch? It’s something everyone who edit the map will see.

Interesting, that may be a new bug - I’ll investigate.

emj - they’re displayed in Potlatch but not uploaded, so only you see them. (Unless, that is, you choose to ‘unlock’ them individually so they can be uploaded.)

(Gr, why does this forum insist at least 60 seconds have to pass between posts? Tum-te-tum…)

Aargh, I’ve just figured out what the problem is. Ok, will do a fix for v0.8b.

I didn’t know it had such a constraint. Can’t find such setting in the Administration either… But it’s better to edit your post then to post multiple times in the same topic in a short timespan anyway. :slight_smile:

Hi Richard,

Sounds great. I will wait for v0.8b and then check it again.
I will report my findings here. Thanks for you efforts!



v0.8b is out and my waypoints are back.
Good job. Thanks!



well, chances are, that a) I am getting too old for all
of this or b) someone is playing tricks on me…

Two days ago v0.8b does show my waypoints. I am
sure about this, And now? They are gone again.
Please explain to me.

respect, knottytom

on the mailing list Richard said you need to click the edit link on the GPX track to see the waypoints. Is that what you are doing?

Hi emj,

thanks for your feedback. Tested again and
yes, the waypoints are back again. Maybe I
did something wrong last time.

respect, knottytom