Missing map parts


Got some missing map parts in my map image here → http://xxt.dk/Screenshot-2011-04-15_14.20.41.png

Using the latest map data from http://download.geofabrik.de/osm/europe/

My Splitter.bat

java -Xmx1300m -ea -jar splitter.jar --max-nodes=600000 --overlap=4000 --max-areas=255 --cache=“cache” --description=“denmark” --mapid=“34561234” --max-nodes=“600000” --no-trim --overlap=“4000” --status-freq=“600” denmark.osm.bz2


java -ea -Xmx4000M -jar mkgmap.jar --style-file=c:\garmin\mkgmap\my_style --max-jobs --generate-sea=polygons,extend-sea-sectors,close-gaps=6000 --reduce-point-density=5.4 --x-reduce-point-density-polygon=5.4 --index --adjust-turn-headings --ignore-maxspeeds --ignore-turn-restrictions --remove-short-arcs=3 --description=openmtbmap_de --location-autofill=1 --route --country-abbr=dk --country-name=denmark–mapname=Dansk_MTB_Kort --family-id=1234 --product-id=1 --series-name=“Dansk_MTB_Kort” --family-name=“Dansk_MTB_Kort” --x-tdbfile --overview-mapname=mapset --area-name=“Dansk_MTB_Kort” *.osm.gz --gmapsupp --nsis --tdbfile

any way too fix it? only been bugged in the past 30-50 days…

I just looked at their data in Thailand and there are lots of roads missing, with only nodes being present. Also, the data is a month old. I think there is a problem with their system…