Missing Location

I was looking for the Kroger in this location and wasn’t able to find it with Maps.Me so I came to the openstreetmaps website to do same search. I was not able to find it on open street maps. I was able to locate it with here maps and google maps. The location is Krogers on Refugee Rd. in Columbus, Ohio.

So here is the links of sceenshots showing missing locations

Google Maps Screenshot

Open Street Maps Screenshot

It looks like Columbus hasn’t been very thoroughly mapped yet.

Maybe you could find somebody willing to add Kroger on Refugee Road to openstreetmap for you.

Or maybe you could add it yourself.

People adding stuff is how OSM improves. You already know where Kroger is so adding it isn’t going to help you much, but it will help somebody else. Yet another person may add things elsewhere that help you. The town where I live was pretty sparse until 6 or 7 months ago when I started adding stuff…

Please note that we cannot use Google Maps as a source, and nor may you. If mapping it you are best to map by personally visiting it and noting its position relative to other features, taking it with GPS, or matching it up with one of the aerial imagery sources licensed for use with OSM.

Also, note that, at least in the UK, businesses, on Google, are often mapped a long way from their true location, typically because they are mapped based on a zip code, (post code) which may cover a significant area. OSM mappings of businesses are expected to be at their true location.

It may be just postcode, but some of the examples I’ve seen are at one extremity of the postcode when the actual location is more nearly central.

Possibly postcode + house number, given that Google’s house numbering is sometimes very wrong (possibly they sometimes interpolate based on incorrect guesses as to the endpoints and are fooled by boustrophedon numbering).

Possibly people bad at reading maps misplacing the location (anybody can add a POI, although it has to be checked by “local experts”).

Note: “local experts” = volunteers who gain brownie points for fixing things. And even their changes have to be approved by Google Central and can take weeks (according to one “local expert” I’ve chatted with).

Having done some comparisons, there’s quite a bit Google gets wrong in my town. Like the exact point a long road changes from one name to a different name (Google gets it wrong in two locations in my town). Like the name of an entire street (it isn’t Green Street, it’s Bridge Street, and Green Street is a short branch off Bridge Street that Google doesn’t name). Google doesn’t even know that Bridge Street, which it erroneously calls Green Street, is also known as Grosvenor Hill. Quite a lot of POIs not marked (because the relevant businesses don’t know it’s possible to add themselves).

It’s quite amusing to, every so often, compare what I’ve found and mapped with what Google has.