Missing libraries

Hi folks,
if anyone is looking for an easy little project to contribute to:
I noticed that something like a third of the public libraries in Northern Ireland are currently not mapped.
(You can find them all on Libraries )

And about another third that were already mapped could do with better tagging or a bit more detail added to their local environs.

I covered County Down yesterday (21 libraries), and County Fermanagh this morning (only 3 in the whole county!)
I made a super-relation for them Relation: ‪Public Libraries in Northern Ireland‬ (‪16302011‬) | OpenStreetMap

Anyone else fancy tackling the rest?

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What is the copyright for this data ?

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We’re not copying the ‘data’, we’re using it to find the libraries, which have a physical existence out there on the street, where they can be visited and seen with thine own eyes, and to map them.
That is indeed why the Northern Ireland Library Authority has a website with a list of the names and address of its libraries in the first place: so that we might know about them and be able to visit them. I cannot claim to have been inside each one I’ve tagged or drawn on OSM and borrowed books from it, but I have gone past them all at some time or other in the past decades.

Well, all the public libraries in Northern Ireland are now, I think, on OSM:

see https://overpass-turbo.eu

“operator='Northern Ireland Library Authority'”
// gather results
nwr["operator"="Northern Ireland Library Authority"]({{bbox}});
// print results
out geom;

(75 of them? there are over a dozen ‘mobile’ ones that drive around in small lorries :slight_smile: )

Has anyone every taken a look at those for https://www.librariesireland.ie ?
The actual branches seem to be listed out on individual County Council websites, rather than all on one site.