Missing island

Hi all,

If we look here : https://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=13/46.9113/-70.9729
We can see the ile d’orleans.
If we switch to another map style like here : https://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=13/4 … 9&layers=C
It is all messed up / missing.

Why is that?
The same thing happen on the map style I did which is based on “osm bright”.
It happened 2 weeks ago. and has been previously fine for the past years.

There are a couple more of these missing if you drag the map around like : https://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=13/4 … 1&layers=C

I tried looking into the history of edit on openstreetmap but I am less technical on that side.
Thanks in advance.

EDIT1: I see the same thing using : https://extract.bbbike.org/

If it looks fine on the Standard rendering and not on the OpenCycleMap one, that’s a good indication that whatever the problem was has been fixed. The Standard rendering updates far more quickly than the OCM one, so it would show the fix first. You’ll probably just have to wait for the extract site to update their data.

That makes sense!

I am running my own server with north america data only.
I made a theme based on the osm bright style(if it changed anything).
I have the same behavior but I can confirm my database is up to date (using daily diff from geofabrik)
I did ask my tile server to recreate the tile in problem (problem from my point of vu that is)

So I am a bit confuse.

To add to this.
The problem seems to have happened around june 26. On both my tile server and cycle map as well as other. But I can confirm that I never saw the problem directly on the Standard rendering.

I just created a new server and did a fresh import of a small dataset around that area.
Using my own theme shows the island just fine.

Is it possible that I have updated my database using a daily diff that had “wrong” info in it and somehow I am up to date as I do daily update but i never received the changeset that fixed it?
If I make any sense