Missing buildings

Nashville TN and probably others do not have all the buildings shown as they are in Dublin and others. Google maps and MS have them why not Nashville?#

The same situation occurs locally, and it’s possible that the locality may not have an open data policy, and Google/Bing may have purchased data to create the buildings from.

I don’t know what Google/Bing’s level of effort is in importing buildings, but OpenStreetMap has a high bar to cross so that the buildings are expressed with the minimal amount of data, and of maximum use relating to addresses. Thus addresses should be attached to buildings when possible, and to adapt multi-tenant addressing such as apartments and strip shopping centers to OSM’s conventions.

It’s become somewhat of an advanced problem to even bring open building data into OSM:

  1. Ensure a compatible license to OSM. Practically, this means an official letter of permission to OSM from the source, even from “open data”.
  2. Perform a cross analysis on possible conflicts with existing OSM features: water, highways, buildings, and each of those must be manually handled during the import.

It’s also important to work with the US imports community on the mailing list https://lists.openstreetmap.org/listinfo/imports-us , and after the details are noted on the import page to have the data reviewed by the global imports community at https://lists.openstreetmap.org/listinfo/imports , otherwise any spontaneous import will be detected and reverted.