Missing buildings in London

Hi guys,

I can’t see any buildings on OSM but on this map which looks like takes (partially?) data from OSM there are buildings.

I’m happy to put some addresses with building numbers, but don’t have any idea how to import buildings in map editor.

Appreciate any help, thanks.

The buildings in your linked place and not in the OpenStreetMap data.
You might be able to find a dataset that contains them within Rapid (a variant of the standard editor on osm.org) where you can then add them relatively quickly.

Otherwise just use the standard editor (behind the edit button on osm.org to add the buildings manually by tracing them from the aerial imagery.


Thanks for quick response. Those buildings which are not in the OSM are AI that are not accepted yet on Rapid Editor. Everything make sense now.

Last quick one. For a while I wasn’t able to find a way to easily split a shape into two separated objects i.e. there is one building on the map but these are two semi-detached houses with different addresses. Currently I copy/paste and re-shape it…

You can add them if you like :wink:

The ID editor and Rapid cannot do that, AFAIK. Copy-pasting and reshaping is the quickest way I think. In JOSM you can split buildings easily with the Terracer plugin.

(It’s best to ask new questions in a new thread though)