Missed English names in transliteration

Some place have transliterated English words in the “name” tag in Thai script, as it can be “modern”.

In case you are adding transliterations to RTGS with the help of some software please pay attention to bring back these words into their native English spelling.

We can collect here a list of transliterations you encountered and how to correctly spell them. I certainly missed some of the spellings myself. I correct them as I spot them.

I also consider to create a verification job in Osmose in case we have a larger list of typical misspellings. Romanization into RTGS can be tricky and sometimes the different tools disagree on the produced RTGS. And there seem to be variation on how the initial transliteration into Thai happens.

I will extend the list here in the first post based on your input.

โฮมสเตย์ Hom Sate → Homestay
โฮม Hom → Home
โฮเต็ล Hoten → Hotel
การ์เด้น Ka Den → Garden
เรสซิเดนซ์ Ret Si Den → Residence
รีสอร์ท Riso → Resort
ซิตี้ปาร์ค Siti Pa → City Park
ซิตี้พาร์ค Siti Pha → City Park
ทาวน์ Thao → Town
วิว Wio → View

I’ve seen those transliteration pop up in the Thai-Romanization program once in a while. Following are a few I have seen before. I recognized them and used the correct English but I have no idea if there are other names in OSM using these Thai “words”

โอม Om → home
เฮาส์ Hao → house

Those english names of resorts can be fun.
“Siti park hotel” - “City Park Hotel”
“In lef resort” - “In Love Resort”

Yes. Some are easier to spot than others. This is why I would like to have a small dictionary of them. If we get a large enough list, I could add them to Osmose, to at least mark them suspicious.

Some more, here a double:
ซิทตี้ วิว Sit Ti Wio → City View

@Bernhard: Which tool created that RTGS for you to get Siti? Mine is the Chulalongkorn one. With tltk I get “si thati wio”, with pythainlp I get “sithti wio”.

I think the dictionary might need to contain these three variants.

Hello Dave,
these ones are quite tricky. They might indicate an English word, but can also happen in native Thai.
I searched for them and on a quick check all seemed valid the way they are and not Home/House.

I do not remember the details, maybe I remembered it wrongly.
The Thai version was “ซิตี้”, i.e. without “ท”: โรงแรม ซิตี้ปาร์ค

@Dave: I got corrected by Jo. The Thai Transliteration of Home should be “โฮม”, which then goes RTGS of Hom → Home.
Example: https://nominatim.openstreetmap.org/ui/details.html?osmtype=N&osmid=1906491348&class=shop
Overpass Query returned over 100 matches, which seems to confirm this spelling.
For example “โฮมสเตย์ บ้านเคียงเล” So I’m adding Hom Sate → Homestay

Variations of Town. eg
ทาวน์โฮม Thao Hom → Townhome
ดี-ทาวน์อินน์ Di - Thao In → D-Town Inn
ดีทาวน์ ลักกี้ Di Thao Lak Ki → D-Town Lucky