Misplaced peak, but a register is at the wrong position - how tohandle best?

Hi folks,
I visited the mountain Nojer in Austria. The summit of this mountain is clearly wrong in OSM data. The true summit is a relatively boring place amidst some trees, and a stone made from concrete marks it. A few hundred meters away is the summit as OSM marks it, and there’s a register and an improvised cross - the place is much nicer, with a view and some rocks, which I guess made it more attractive, but it is clearly a few meters below the true summit.
What would be your suggestion to handle this?
My impulse would be to move the peak to the true location and mark the register separately, but there does not seem to be an official way to mark a “standalone” register.
Thanks for suggestions!

Yep, the survey point is the concrete stone (it has the typical + on top), and actually I placed it there :slight_smile: (The OSM one, not the real one of course :wink: )

Thanks for supporting me moving the peak - still, the cross I’ll not map, it was made from two sticks/dead tree branches and most likely has already disintegrated by now (was there in September). Perhaps I’ll do the viewpoint plus summit:register…

It still feels somehow wrong…

Edit: This is the stone:

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yes, I would map natural=peak at the highest point and the cross and register at their location.

Just to get it right: The peak icon on the bottom left should be on the top right where the background map says “Nojer 1492 m” and where the small tripod icon (survey point) is?
And instead the peak icon there should be a cross icon?

If yes, I would move the peak node to the survey point (maybe the concrete stones are the survey point?). And instead the peak node I would add a man_made=cross with summit:register=yes and a tourism=viewpoint next to it.
To clarify this you could add a description like “Das Gipfelbuch ist ca. 150 Meter südwestlich an einem Aussichtspunkt.”

OSM Object: Node: ‪Nojer‬ (‪795448877‬) | OpenStreetMap

Map View: (Background: basemap.at)