Misplaced object - how to fix?


there is on the map an object called “Vanne de tête de l’Usine du Drac inférieur”, which does not seem to appear in the aerial photograph, which shows a forest.

The Usine du Drac Inférieur is a hydroelectric plant located in Échirolles, kilometers away from this point.

So I guess the object has been inadvertently moved but I don’t know how to fix this.

The last one to touch with v2 is that dude and looking on the map it seems the station has to be at the bottom of the pipe. Thing is though per achavi the station did not move, just some alignment work, red old, green new.


In edit mode I’d say a cutline=pipeline could be added close parallel to the pipeline as being appropriate since there is a clear cutting through the forest.

As for moving, I’d think it odd since the alignment work done with v2 suggests that particular location is correct, possibly just the inlet part of the (pressured) pipeline.

edit: Actually the hydroelectric plant building has been mapped as well i.e. all appears to be OK.

I don’t understand. I’m talking of that object:

which is located in woodland, nowhere near a power station.

Yes, that’s the first image at the top of the pipeline where you see it changed position, not moved miles. The second image is of the ID Editor edit view at bottom of pipe.

If you switch between Bing, Esri and Clarity image background you can actually a little grassy area…


Oh! There is a pipeline to the Sassenage power plant. But Sassenage is not Drac inférieur, which is what confused me. Drac inférieur is in Échirolles, miles to the east.