Military replicates= ("Taipei" in China)


I want to edit

adding the tag “replicates=Ketagalan Boulevard, Taipei, Taiwan”

What does everybody think about that?

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There are lots of other examples of small-scale replica maps, but for the most part we haven’t been micromapping their parts as features. At most we’ve been tagging the overall replica with what it depicts. For example:

But for something like this, the individual parts are naturally mapped as features unto themselves. Some theme parks and outdoor historical museums have similar arrangements of replica buildings and streets. @Kovoschiz’s suggestion of subject and subject:wikidata is probably good enough, especially since this proposal would also use these tags to mean “depicts”. You could pair it with name:etymology and name:etymology:wikidata for more emphasis.

That’s as bad as unsuffixed is_in= for unstructured data. Another problem is the highway=tertiary now, when it is not used as such. Also, you don’t want to repeat them on every object there.
The closest would be mimics= , that needs to be suffixed. I suggest the military=training_area site be mimics:is_in:city:zh=台北 (eg only use mimics:place=city for complete models on a table) , and the road be mimics:highway=tertiary + mimics:name:zh=凱達格蘭大道 to be organized. A rel might be controversial.
A more common solution could be subject:zh=凱達格蘭大道 + subject:wikidata=Q697197 , but this doesn’t allow mimics:highway= to be added somehow. There were similar questions before on unspecific items.

OK, good. I see someone has added the subject:wikidata=Q697197 . Maybe they can add the right ones for the rest of the roads too.

As far as tagging the whole military reservation, well not knowing the actual extent, at least someone could tag