Migrating Basecamp to new PC

I have just bought a new MacBook Pro and I’m just trying to figure out if there is a simple way of migrating all the data from my old Mac to my new Mac. I copied based the app, but that doesn’t get me the data, including the various maps I have working.

I can always download everything again I guess, but maybe somebody can point me in the direction where the app stores the map, route, waypoint data on a PC?



I thought OSX provided a method to transfer all your data from one computer to the other during the installation. It requires a firewire cable if I’m not mistaken.
see https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204350

In BaseCamp, you can go to File menu, then choose Backup. That will backup all of your data as a .backup file. Then you can copy that to the new computer, then go to File menu then Restore.
The backup should include all of your tracks, routes, waypoints etc.

I don’t think it includes your maps. Depends on what maps you are using, it might be easiest to download them and install them again.

Thanks, but I got all the tracks, routes, waypoints and such across to my new Mac. I was looking for an easy way to get the maps. But I think I’ll just download them again. If anything I’ll have the latest version.


You can use Javawa GMTK to migrate those maps

BTW Jeroen, please post Garmin related topics on the Garmin maps section.