Migrated but locked categories

I’ve just had a user email me asking for help about maps for Garmin devices. Typically, I’d suggest that they search here for Garmin and ask a question in an appropriate place. If I do that I get https://community.openstreetmap.org/c/osm-specials/garmin-maps/104 and “New Topic” is greyed out.

Where should I suggest this person asks for help?

What’s wrong with the general Help and support category, with the garmin tag? That’s probably where those topics should be moved to anyway rather than having a separate category that gets about one topic a month…

I think that that does make most sense (it’s a bit clumsy, but I was able to construct a link that would take them there).

I would suggest that https://community.openstreetmap.org/t/about-the-garmin-maps-category/31724 is edited to say that as well though - and likewise similar messages for the other locked categories.

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Well the intention is to move those messages to somewhere more sensible - the current closed categories are temporary while we work out what to do with each one.

In this case I would suggest they be moved to exactly where I suggested the question be opened.