Micromapping Waste Bin Shed Tags

Hello all!

Thanks for creating a local community section!

Want to start a discussion to reach a consensus regarding tagging private dumpster sheds usually found by a block of flats in majority of local sleeping districts.

Visual example



Options considered adding but discarded as they do not apply to an area. Also usually recycling bins/containers are not private.



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  • The area tag is redundant
  • Not sure if they should be private
  • Not every such shed may contain paper waste container. For example when multiple buildings are in one korteriühistu and have multiple sheds and not every has paper waste container.
  • I think building=shed is ok, I’ve used building=service which I think is ok too.

In general I think it’s ok, maybe access=private should be given more thought.
But we shouldn’t expect every mapper in Estonia to see this and map the same way.

Also, a similar discussion about bottle recycling Note: 3471387 | OpenStreetMap

Oh and Key:recycling:green_waste - OpenStreetMap Wiki
It does apply to an area, so it can be used. But no one will understand amenity_1. The only way to support waste and recycling is to map it as separate nodes. Personally for me it’s not that important.

Are these only for use by residents of specific buildings (like in Poland)?

Then I would use access=private

Or can anyone bring their trash and leave it there?

They are for specific buildings. I’m not sure what the law says about it. No one’s going to care if you throw out an ice cream wrap, but throwing out bags of trash would be a problem.

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area=yes is an error indeed.

Not sure if they should be private

Usually the doors are locked and accessible via key or fob as per example image. Non-locked probably exist but haven’t encountered any.

Not every such shed may contain paper waste container.

Of course the tagging should correspond to reality. It’s more of a discussion of best practices and not as a law that every mapper must use. As stated, it’s a case of micromapping :slight_smile:

Not having a paper bin is a bit strange tho as apartment association (KÜ) does not get billed for emptying the sorted paper and organic waste container by the garbage disposal company. So having one would make sense but I see your point.

@Mateusz_Konieczny, glad to read that such sheds are used elsewhere and are not a local oddity. :slight_smile:

No one will understand amenity_1.

I sure hope not :smiley: That’s the default when adding another amenity tag to object on OSM web app.


Thanks for linking the discussion about recycling! It is a bit different topic as recycling implies that it’s for greater good and those points are publicly accessible (and free). We can discuss it in another thread.

I have encountered non-locked ones.


Note that sign/rule “for residents only” is already qualifying of access=private - a strict enforcement is not needed.


As there are plenty of them I vote for creating a preset for them to make it easier to add them :slight_smile: If lockable are common then maybe also a preset for “Lockable Recycling Shed” to speed up the mapping.

A similar tag is recycling_type=centre, which could contain Recycling Sheds for liquids or electronics for example.

By preset do you mean a preset in iD editor?
What if in some other country they have a similar thing, but it’s different enough for different tags? Do they have country-specific presets?

But if they do then I think the way to go is to create a pull-request. People want a lot of things, usually there aren’t enough people to implement them :slight_smile: . That’s quite a niche feature unless it magically gets a big support.

If someone had an experience of contributing to the iD editor, please correct me.

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I have tagged them as an area and a point. Created area where the shed is:


lockable=yes if the shed is really accessible by key or fob.

For the point I used:


Of course access=private should be checked whenever it indeed is not accessible by public but most of the time such sheds within residential areas are private or for residents usage only.
The tags could be further improved by adding waste=household; trash and so on but my version is the basic of what there will be per local law since recycling is already mandatory for big residential houses.

Those point tags could be merged into area tags as its redundant to mark area and then point if its possible to do it in are itself.

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I’ve created a draft pull request to add “Waste Shed” as an iD preset (with the common recycling icon):
Create Waste Shed Preset by mikaeldui · Pull Request #809 · openstreetmap/id-tagging-schema (github.com)

It’d be great if we could vote for a good name for the preset, that’s also easily translatable to other languages. The preset would also need complete tags and properties, I’ve simply added all the tags I found in this thread.

@qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq: There’s a “locationSet” property that you can add to the preset which limits the regions it’s visible in. The street signs have their own prefix, but the presets seem to be global currently, with a visibility-per-region property.

All preset properties are available here: ideditor/schema-builder: :building_construction::label: Create tagging schemas for iD (github.com)