Merge maps with the same mapid

can you tell me is there a way to merge maps downloaded
I’ve downloaded four Openfietsmap Lite maps for Garmin Edge 530 and I’ve tried to merge them with OSM Combiner.
Unfortunately all these maps share same mapid (starting from 48860001…). Renaming tile files didn’t worked.

Of course I can upload these maps to Garmin Edge but I’d like to avoid overlapping.

I think gmaptool can help here, but I didn’t try this on my own.

Thanks. It worked great.

I’d still expect routing problems (large detours or crashes or direct lines) across tile boundaries where the tiles where not in the same mapset. You didn’t write if the four downloaded maps cover distint areas or if they are overlapping, so I can only guess.

They overlap a little bit.

That’s preview from OSM Combiner

Is there any way to avoid overlapping/remove duplicated tiles?

I’ve got another idea. I can download two pregenerated maps from (for me it’s Central Europe and Eastern Europe). These two maps aren’t overlapping.

But I’ve got a lot of excessive tiles I don’t want to have and two mapsets. I want only part of these tiles… Is there a way to do it?

I think the (better) alternative is to compile the map with mkgmap. The “Openfietsmap Lite” style is available here:

Further info is here:

Typically you download one or more extracts from geofabrik and merge them. Another approach is download the extracts in osm.pbf format from and merge those, but I am not sure how cares about completeness of relations.
Merging can be done with osmconvert, see for more info.

Yes, several ways. GmapTool is one, Garmins MapInstaller is another and the only one that I know which has a GUI to select the tiles which should be combined in one gmapsupp.img

With the command line tool from gmaptool you can change the map tile numbers:

gmt.exe -w -e +1000000 -m newmapsetname gmapsupp.img

So for example 93020001 will be to 94020001 and so on.
Of course you have to make sure 94020001 isn’t already in use in other mapsets :wink:
Also the name of the new mapset must be corrected (could be done with Javawa’s Device manager as well)
Please note that overlapping maptiles can still be problematic with routing.

The Map name and PID can be changed with JaVaWa GTMK
which has a GUI, and therefore easier to use than command lines.
Note that the maps must already be installed in Basecamp to show up in GTMK