Melaka: Wolferstan Road vs Jalan Bendahara

Jalan Bendahara in Melaka is marked as ’ Wolferstan Road’. in OSM

The object is listed in OSM as ’ Name: Jalan Bendahara
International names: English: WOlferstan ROad

and this results in Wolferstan Road to be eg shown in objects added on it (eg Ibis Hotel I just added
shows up as ’ 249 Wolferstan Road’

While Wolferstan Road is used as ‘alternate’ name for that road it seems to be purely for historical interest and not for any actual addresses etc

How can this be improved, ie so that the proper local name is shown/used by default
and the ’ international name/English’ is not used when the map/user language is set to English?

When I search for the hotel, I get:

Hotel Ibis, 249, Wolferstan Road, Kampung Jawa, Kampung Durian Daun Dalam, Malacca City, Central Malacca, Malacca, 75100, Malaysia

even though the address I edited was for ’ Jalan Bendahara’

wait till they update the web server perhaps.