meeting up along hiking the national trail ?

Hello everyone.

I’m an openstreetmapper from cologne and I’m planing to hike the national trail from middle septembre to middle octobre. The direction should be from north to south.
So if any mapper is interessted in a meeting up along the way, would be great. (Maybe hike with me a bit?) Or any secret tips are welcome.
Also I want to stay maybe one or two days in Jerusalem. But then I have to hike longer trails on the other days…

Best regards, Johannes

You might get more responses at this forum:

If you’re at it, I noticed that much of the national trial is marked as a track although it’s actually a path.
Correcting the tagging of these sections would be an important task.

Good luck!

Thanks for your answer!

But I think I didn’t find the right words.
I watched a speech at the german fossgis conference from Christian Bittner, about “Mapping in Jerusalem”. He had a meeting with a mapper, who was very active in jerusalems building and adresses. But he could’nt tell the name. This was the reason to ask osm mappers for dont being to loneliness on this very long journey.
And much more important: you can learn more about this interessting country, if you meet locals, and if they are osm mapper too, there can be be a great compability.

If any mapper in Israel would like to have a meeting up with me (an encouraged mapper from germany, cologne)? Your are welcome!
I hope I dont scare you with my hiking tour, espacally with the hiking invitation…
I want to stop at cities or villages where mappers are living for half a day, or something like that, to have a talk or a litte sightseeing.

Maybe the Jerusalem mapper is interested?

Best regards, Johannes.:wink:

PS: Unfortunately, I cannot read Hebraic, so your link is quite i bit difficult for me.