Mechanical edit proposal to apply emergency=disaster_response to stations of the Australian SES'es

A few weeks ago a wiki proposal for tagging of disater response organisations was accepted, see here . The wiki page can be found here. In the past, the stations of the Australian State Emergency Services were tagged with emergency=ses_station. The proposal aimed to change this to emergency=disaster_response. Some of the stations are already retagged, but there are still over 200 missing.

I propose a mass edit of these stations. Some discussion about this topic already happened here. My proposal includes all objects, that are found with the following overpass-turbo query:

  nwr["emergency"="ses_station"]["operator"~"(SES|State Emergency Service)"](area.searchArea);
  nwr["emergency"="ses_station"]["name"~"(SES|State Emergency Service)"](area.searchArea);
out geom;
out count;

Here is a map showing the search result:


The query finds 225 Objects, all located in Australia. Here is one randomly chosen example station that would get edited:

I propose to remove emergency=ses_station from the above meantined OSM-objects and add emergency=disaster_response to them.

Does anyone see a problem with this mechanical edit?

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I support a mechanical edit of all these given the very specific nature of the past tagging.

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I documented the proposed mass edit in the wiki:’es)
Comments and feedback are still welcome as one thumbs up and one approving comment do not necessary demonstrate consens.

Should this thread be in the Oceania category?

I had a look in other mass-edit threads. They seem to be sorted into local forums if the mass edit is only relevant locally. I changed the category of this thread and the similar thread about the German THW. Thanks for the question/information.

This proposal is now 4 days old and got 2 approving and 0 opposing voices. Are there more supporting voices? Is there anyone opposing this mass edit? How long should I wait between proposing and execution of the edit?

I’d suggest give it the full week (which should be well & truly enough time), then go for it!

As there where no objections I executed the mass edit: