Retagging the Australian SES'es with emergency=disaster_response

Without knowing how he mapped them, I would say that yes, they were done correctly

A mass edit should work for the basic SES > disaster_response change, but manually checking would be nice to update other details as required.

There are also a lot more stations that still need to be added!

If that is the case a mass edit for emergency=ses_stationemergency=disaster_response would be possbile.

Is there a (high quality) list with all SES-stations that is available under a compatible license? That would make it very easy to update existing stations and add missing ones.

Not that I’m aware of unfortunately :cry:, but Wiki says “NSW SES’s 240+ units” & for Qld : “337 QSES Groups in Queensland”!

May have to be some letters to all of the various State Headquarters asking if they can share some info with us?

Is there anyone with conections/contacts to the SES’es who could try to get a list with all Locations of SES-Stations in Australia? Perfect would be a table including coordinates and addresses.

If we do not get such a list, we could maybe just mass edit all the usages of emergency=ses_station for the Australian SES’es to emergency=disaster_response because it would not make the data less accurate. We would not remove any missuse but also not introduce new missuse. I am not sure if this argumentation is good enough to propose a mass edit.

I wouldn’t be holding my breath for that data under terms we can use.

I would be okay with a mass edit, after all the new tag was created to replace the Australian specific ses_station.

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I proposed a mass edit to remove emergency=ses_station and apply emergency=disaster_response to objects of the Australian SES’es. Please leave an approving or opposing comment in the seperate thread:

Independently from my proposed mass edit to change emergency=ses_station to emergency=disaster_response I would like to move forward with a general clean up and addition of the Australian SES-facilitys. I found this database from the Digital Atlas of Australia:

It includes nearly 4500 emergency facilitys in Australia as seen as blue dots on this map:

If I get it right it is a mixture of SES-stations and fire stations.

The problem I see: It is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 whitch is not completly compatible to OSM’s ODbL. In the wiki there is an Australian Import Catalogue listing imports under CC-BY. Is there any general agreement that we can use data from the Australian Government in OSM?

This is the list of our currently approved sources: Australian Data Sources - OpenStreetMap Wiki, which includes, which should be OK to import?

Appears no-one has ever actually done it all though.

The data is from 2018, so It might need some checking to make sure that it is still up to date enough to import.

I checked that. There is this email talk between Andrew, an OSM contributor and Elizabeth from Geoscience Australia, see here. It is a lot of text but if I get it right the improtant content is:

Andrew: We’re very interested in using Geoscience Australia’s CC BY 4.0 licensed data to
improve OpenStreetMap. In order to facilitate this, we need to confirm with you that
Geoscience Australia has no objections.
Elizabeth: Geoscience Australia gives you permission to use the data under ODBL.

So we have permission to use Geoscience Australia’s data.

The Digital Atlas of Australia says it is grafik. Does that mean we have permission to use any data from the Digital Atlas of Australia?

Where did you take that from? It says it is from December 2023 so pretty much up to date.


It’s in the Lineage Statement. What they did in 2023 was match the locations with G-NAF.

Thank you for the explanation. Now I found it.

How often do the SES-stations move? The data set is described as:

Modifiing the data “as needed” implies that they update the data set if a station moves. Is it plausibel that no SES-station moved, closed or opened in the past 6 years? Can we consider this data up to date?

Not “frequently”

Possible, but I would think that yes, a (very?) small number could have

To be honest, with ~4500 stations of various sorts listed, I’d be quite surprised if as many as 10-20 of them were wrong, so yes, I’d personally say it was as up to date as any database.

No it doesn’t. What you have to remember with a lot of the GA datasets, is that they get a dump of data from the states at some point and then it will not be updated until the process is done again. These datasets are a one shot deal.

A quick check of NSW DCS vs this dataset finds that it has 325 SES facilities listed and this dataset 256. A check of the last date modified shows that of the 325 at least 100 have been modified since 2018.


That’s a lot of changes in 5 years!

I checked the state databases we have access to. NSW and VIC seem to be kept up to date. All I could find for SA was from 2014 and the TAS dataset is from 2017.

I do not know the systematics of Geoscience Australia. What you descibe sounds very different from “Modification frequency: As needed”. It sounds more like “Modification frequency: only if someone gives us a new data set”.

Can you explain this in more detail? Where can I find the “NSW DCS”? What was modified?

Can you give us some links of these data sources? Are they licensed accordingly? If we have seperate databases for the states that are more up to data than the governmental one we could use them seperatly.

VIC: Vicmap Features of Interest - Dataset - Victorian Government Data Directory
SA: Emergency Services - Dataset -
TAS: GeoNetwork - The portal to spatial data and information

Not sure if this is useful but I found this data source for QLD:

It’s licenced as CC BY 4.0 but also “open data”.

Edit: Ah, I see this source (and CC BY 4.0) is already being discussed :slight_smile:

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