Meaning of undocumented emergency_service=* values

There are about 580 uses of emergency_service=*. This key is not documented. The only documented value is emergency_service=technical, which was recently deprecated. The uses are:

value number
water 240
technical 133
ambulance 100
mountain 45
lifeguard 27
land 16
air 9
medical 3
land;fire 2
yes 1
land;ambulance 1
fire_service + training 1
civil_protection 1
no 1
medical_service 1
land;fire;water 1
only 1

Most of the emergency_service=ambulance are also tagged as emergency=ambulance_station, see here. emergency_service=mountain looks like a dublicate of the much more used emergency=mountain_rescue. emergency_service=lifeguard looks like a dublicate of emergency=lifeguard.

Is there any meaning in these undocumented tags? Or are they just tagging mistakes?

If we find consensus that these tags should be kept, we should document them in the wiki. If others also think that they are tagging mistakes, we should clean them up, for example using MapRoulette. What do you think?

Strange, I thought that all of the =air tags had been cleaned up when =air_rescue_service went through?

I’ll check them out.

Yes, all the rest could probably be checked & re-tagged to the new values.

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& now fixed!

Most of them were only hospital helipads, which shouldn’t be tagged as a rescue service.


Thanks @Fizzie41 for completly removing one of these tags!

I now created some MapRoulette Challenges for some of the others:

I excluded these cases from the MapRoulette Challenges:

  • emergency_service=water: is used quite a lot so I wonder if there even exist a better tagging scheme.
  • emergency_service=technical: is used for the German THW and as of now I do not know a better tagging scheme for these objects.

If you see a problem with one or mulitple of these challenges please contact me so that I can improve them.

I also checked this one yesterday & found ~25 via OT. Left notes against most of them (23 in a small part of India) as no structures visible at the spot where they’re tagged?

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