Maybe copyright violation: Does anyone recognise this map? (RENFE.)

Dear OSM people,

I have found that RENFE, the big spanish passenger railway company, uses maps which look to me like an OSM rendering I have already seen without attributing it.

They use it in trains to show the actual position and I have also seen it at least at one station.

If it really is an OSM based map, I think this is a copyright violation, since it is used throughout the long distance trains, and RENFE is a big economic player.

Can anyone here recognise if this is an OSM based map (and if so, which rendering)?

Photograph of an in-train screen showing such a map is below.


Some of the place names lead me to think this might not be OSM-based, or at least not the settlement names (although I suppose those might come from wikidata or some other source combined with OSM):

“El Secadero” on this map is named only “Secadero” in OSM
“Pelayo” is the reverse situation, named “El Pelayo” in OSM
“El Torno” is only landuse=residential in OSM with no place=tag, it seems unusual for an OSM-based map to display the name at this scale, but I suppose it is possible.

It’s pretty common for peple to use OSM data for maps but use their own places data - the DWG regularly gets complaints about maps from Facebook and, and those errors are usually NOT about OSM data, but about the data that these sites have overlaid over it.