May I drop highway=street_lamp for light_source?

I’m extensively mapping street lights these days, addicted to seeing it glow at OSMstreetLight.

Towards a schema that works for me, I already took attributes from light_source, especially light:shape and light:tilt. Now I’m wondering:

? Could I switch to light_source completely?


  • more general concept in light_source, extensible far beyond hw=street_lamp, i. e.
    ** floodlight (think: no misuse of street_lamp for stadium flood lights and the like)
    ** warning (think: flash lights on some crossing)
    ** lamp_type → light:method °°
  • moves street lights out of crowded ‘highway’ name space, what looks good to me for topic clarity


  • no more straight association by purpose like in ‘street_lamp’
  • man_mad=mast has ‘construction’ but misses a forms attribute equivalent to lamp_mount=(angled|bend|high|straight)_mast - but could be added
  • ‘street_lamp’ popularity, > 4 Mio uses, but does it matter?

Sure I’d like to spread the word on light_source proposal to get it into more common use. There shall be (more) light! :wink:

°° knowing infamous spread of value ‘LED’ instead of ‘led’, see lamp_type LED vs. led

:+1: me too!

I would not favour that. Street_lamp is a very well established and heavily used tag and one of the most common public light sources so I’d say there is nothing wrong in having a dedicated tag for it.

For more detailed information I think it is fine to add the light_source attributes to the street_lamp tag.


Vast majority of highway=street_lamp is mapped without light_source and other details.

This is true but it would not do any harm to add such details whereas I do not see any benefit in replacing the tag highway=street_lamp by light_source=*.

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Do you see this as an argument pro/contra? Didn’t get it at least …

For what it’s worth I work towards much more detailed tagging in my hometown at least.

I would see as reason to support using highway=street_lamp

is not a viable “pro” as people will continue using highway=street_lamp anyway

at most you may get some people confused or even mapping highway=street_lamp and not seeing or not noticing tagging in unusual style

what is wrong with it?

Someone might like to differentiate street illumination from other lights. No big issut to me, just wondering to find more pro/cons. :slight_smile:

You mean without setting highway=street_lamp?

No. :-1: