May have broken Phetkasem (No. 4)


I may have mistakenly broken Phetkasem.

Basically I was using the unglue function and there were several errors which said the highway ends near other highway. I ignored them because I was adding footbridges as well and this is normal. In hindsight I realised I may have unglued some segment Phetkasem. Is there any automated way of checking to see if everything is still ok? I know I could use a tool like project-osrm but it updates every few days.

osmose or keepright should detect such problems. After unglue you have duplicate nodes at that position.

Regarding foot bridges. I did use a construct to connect the steps to the road. This leaves the routing graph intact possibly allowing to route over a foot bridge in case we ever will have pedestrian routing. It also avoids warnings about “islands” and nearly connected ways.

I’m sure you’ve seen it somewhere already as others use this scheme as well.