Mass search & change with JOSM

When I make search (search for objects) with JOSM at a region, it appears all data found. After this search, how can I select which data to edit? For example I want to change only 2 than 10 objects found in a specific key (for example addr:city). Is there any way? Or I am obliged to change them all?

What I’ve done in this situation is to make my edits to the objects I’m working on one at a time and then while the current object is still selected I choose Upload Selection from the File menu.

There are probably other ways to do what you want but this is simple and easy.

You can use Todo plugin - add all the selected objects to the list.

You could alter your query to only return the 2 desired objects.

If you use general search the results should be listed in the window “Selection” (Alt+Shift+T). From here you can select the desired object(s) and click on “Select”.

Thank you for your response!