Mass regexp street name change

I’m a regular expression wizard, so making the pattern to change all these X Louth Street into X Street Louth is no problem, Avenue too. But how am I going to do it for a 20 km wide area?
(You guessed it, same problem for 4th Street, 5th Street, etc.)
So I got to um, use Overpass Turbo to get them? And then what do I use to change them?

Bet it would be hard to do such a single mass edit with a cellphone.

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You aren’t unless you want to be blocked for ignoring the Automated edits code of conduct.

An explanation as to why can be found here.

Fine, I’ll just post it on the Ontario Board and maybe somebody else will do the work.

Adding a bit more context… query highlighting relevant objects:

OP already started to fix some bits of 1st Street Louth, apparently as part of an onsite survey (cs says “source = Personal observations”).