Mass fixing street names in Queensland Australia

Hi List,

I’d like to investigate a process to mass update missing street names in Queensland Australia. I recently tried to use Openstreetmap in the northern part of Queensland around the city of Cairns and found a terrible lack of street names. I’d estimate only about 5%-10% of roads have names! I looked into acquiring them from the government and have sourced them in shapefile format and got their written permission to use them in Openstreetmap.

I’m just struggling (due to limited editing knowledge of osm) to know how to go about merging this acquired data with the osm road data. I was thinking of doing something like a spatial join between the two layer but I can’t seem to find any such features in editors like josm, etc. Or do I have to do something like download the osm data into a local db, edit it using something like qgis and then somehow export the existing data back to osm servers? I’ve an experienced GIS user and could merge the data in something like ArcGIS no problem, just not sure how to get my changes back up to the osm servers.

Look forward to hearing any suggestions.



I would ask on the imports mailing list. They should know.
The best thing I tink would be not to just import them but to make them available in a layer people can load in JOSM and then add the names while manually checking for corerctedness and actual coverage.

EDIT; Forgot the link: