Mass deletion in Bangkok/Don Muang

This user just deleted hundreds of ways in Don Muang area:

See here or the comments on his changesets:

Can one of the members more fluent in Thai send a message?

“i will edit it back later” sounds like he knew he deleted things.

Seems he replaces deleted data with data on his name, nuking the history.

Sadly I got no response. Neither to my message nor to changeset comments.

I’ve sent them a “message that they need to read before continuing to edit”:

We’ll see what happens next.


did anyone receive a feedback from that mapper regarding the deletions? The block message was confirmed yesterday morning. So it was clear that we ask for getting in contact.

If there is no form of response I suggest to completely revert his edits on the weekend, to prevent wasted work on tries to repair/remap the missing parts. Also the longer we wait the more conflicts we will observe when reverting.


I agree. Let’s get the revert done before we have conflicts with good data from dedicated OSMers.

I agree. Do it quickly.

It’s a couple of days since the message about the “big deletion”; they’ve read it and not replied or edited since, so I’ll revert changes back to and including the “big deletion”.

Edit: Now reverted. I’ve also tidied up what I can in the area (there are edits from iMekkiki2, who I presume is the same mapper, as well).

It’s likely that some of the data from iMekkiki2 and iMekkikiTH is actually useful, and some of the names could be usefully merged into the now-undeleted previous data.

As with any reverts like this, there’s also bound to be lots of extra things to fix - for example nodes and unjoined ways (where a way was joined to one duplicate which has since been deleted), so it would be really useful if local mappers could look over the area and see if there are any remaining problems.

Thanks for doing the revert with this one being a more complex scenario.

I had a look at the area, connected some unconnected ways, removed orphan nodes and merged duplicate tagging.

In general the University campus suffers from “overmapping”, bad geometry and abuse of name tag for tagging. A common pattern seen in areas where people start to learn mapping.

For this specific user: It would still be great if one of the native speakers could try to get into contact and explain a bit how OSM works and how to map.

Ah, just saw this. May be a bit too late, but I’ve sent him a message.