Mass contact or how to get companies to map themselves

Hey everybody,

I was wondering if there was ever a proposal to contact global/big companies to map their own facilities. It would be a huge step forward if for example big banks could be encouraged to map their e.g. ATMs around the world. They certainly have the resources and an interest in being well represented on OSM.

It would not be so difficult to organise a mass-mail like this but I first wanted to know if it ever happened and if there are other people who think this is useful. Maybe working together with the import mailing-list would be helpful.



I know at least one company that wanted to do this, but

  • unlike for Google, we do not have an API where they can simply upload a file with their data (for a reason)
  • they have to/want to monitor whether someone changes “their” data
  • they have to manually verify whether they did not upload already existing POIs

it’s much easier for them to overlay a map with their own data on their website.

There has been an import for gas stations in some European countries, conducted by a company that had that data directly from the oil company. A lot of discussion was needed to come to the proper way of importing this.

Hey escada,

thanks for your fast reply, I’m sorry I am answering so late, didn’t see someone replied.

Well I see the problem. But I thought more of contacting them to encourage the staff of their branches to map manually. I see that this would be a lot of effort and no sure benefit. I guess this is not manageble.


It seems like that some companies are using it already and are editing themselves. I found for example that Casio Europe has several Offices added. I think more companies will see the importance in the future and will do the same since openstreetmap will be a great alternative to google maps.