Marking trailheads

I would like to be able to mark trailheads, eventually with the goal of searching for them using OsmAnd (or Garmin gps). ID editor has paths, but no trailheads…

is anything usable in ?

I’ve used highway=trailhead in the US, but I don’t know which data consumers use that tag.

Thank you for looking into this!

Adding this tag combination works fine for “Car Parking” points, however when parking is area, ID editor draws a line (highway?) around the area:

Would this be a change request for ID editor, or is this a hint that area should not be a highway?

I wouldn’t be concerned with how the trailhead tag is shown by ID. The highway=trailhead was probably not in an explicit set of tag conventions, so it shows it with a default representation. The important thing is that the feature can be found by data consumers.