marking posts as read


I usually don’t visit this site on a daily basis. When I come back after a couple of days my list of unread posts is often very long - longer than I can go through at once in many cases. The problem is that once I start reading one of the threads all the unread posts in all threads across forums get marked as read after some time.

I thought this should only happen if I hit the “Mark this forum as read” at the bottom of the page but apparently there is some automatic mechanism in place. I find that very annoying and it makes my reading the forum quite inefficient. Can that behavior be deactivated?

Happened before and after the software upgrade btw.

AFAIK The “new posts” are the posts that were added after you lasted visited the site, they have nothing to do with “read” or not.

Not sure about the “new posts” behavior. I thought that was related to the read status which is shown by the bolded thread titles in the overview. Once you read a thread the title gets unbolded. So while reading the one or other thread their headers get unbolded by and by in the index. Only that after some time suddenly all titles are unbolded. Bummer!

Hello again.

I’d like to bring this topic back up since I am still missing a satisfying solution. Surely, I am not the only one facing this problem?

The way I expect the forum to work (and as most other forums do work btw) is that the link “new posts” shows me all my unread posts in a thread. Once I have read those posts (i. e. have loaded the page with the unread posts on it) or hit the “mark this forum as read” or “mark all topics as read” link the “new posts” link should reveal no new posts anymore. Is a new post written, the “new posts” link immediately leads to this post again.

On short term it works the way as expected. Only that after some time (not sure exactly but must be something around 30 minutes) after having visited the forum all the new posts disappear without me clicking on either “mark this forum as read” or “mark all topics as read”. That makes it really cumbersome to use the forum. I frequently start reading a few threads, do something else and when I then come back to the forum half an hour later all remaining posts I Intended to read have been marked read and I have trouble finding where I left off, surely missing out on quite a number on interesting posts.

In my opinion this automatic marking as read should be removed. I don’t find such an option in my profile settings. So could someone change that globally? In my opinion that would greatly increase usability and adhere to a well established practice in other forums.

Thanks, TZorn

I am pretty sure that in the past it was working properly - it was checking whatever I visited given thread.