Marking "important" track roads.

I noticed user hyakir marked Nof Hakarmel as “highway=service”, this was probably done to make it stand out in rendering because there are many secondary dirt roads around it and all are “highway=track”. Is there a better convention to mark a “primary” dirt road that has “secondary” dirt roads around it? All are unpaved.

It depends how you classify a primary dirt road… IMHO, I don’t think you can.
The only thing I think is relevant is the tracktype.
tracktype has 5 levels and we at IHM are rendering 3 different track types according to levels. If this interests you, you can look at the legend.

Thank you. I marked it as “grade1”.

What makes it primary? Maybe it’s wider than others? Then tag “width” may do the job if renderers use it.

It’s the main “attraction” in the area. Beautiful views (hence the name), has lots of cycling / hiking traffic in comparison to the other tracks, and pretty well maintained surface. It might be significantly wider as well, but I cannot clearly remember. I’ll do a survey. Thanks for the tip.

Then, maybe, it has a name. This will for sure draw an attention.

It does have a name tag :slight_smile: