Marking a Social Club on the Map correctly

Hope you are all well!

I have been wanting to contribute to OpenStreetMap in my area and had a few questions about Social Clubs (

In my area we have a Conservative Working Mens Club and was hoping to add it to the map. Currently one can see it as an Amenity: (only visible on the edit menu).

I want to add this as a building, so I selected the area and marked it as a building. I then wanted to add the information to it and so make it a Social Club. The problem was that a Social Club Amenity so I can’t set the building as a social club. If i define the tag “amenity=social_club”, it becomes an amenity and not a building…

What would be the correct way to draw this on as a building, yet still keeping the fact it is a Social Club?

Sorry if I am missing something obvious!
Thank you very much :slight_smile:

A common way to do this is to map the building as an area, and the amenity as a node within the building. This has the advantage of being flexible, e.g. if there is more than one amenity using the same building, which is quite common, each amenity can be mapped as a node.

If the amenity occupies the whole building you can also use the building and amenity tags on the same area. The default “ID” editor may not make this obvious, but it is possible by directly editing the tags (near the bottom left of the Edit Feature Panel), or by using another editor such as JOSM.

As it happens, there are examples of both approaches in the immediate surroundings.
Building with two fast food amenities mapped as nodes:
Place of worship where the area is both building and amenity:

Thank you very much for your help, that is exactly what I needed :))