marble based project download maps

Hi, I am working on a project which needs marble plus openstreetmaps OFFLINE. I just need Milan’s map at levels > than 16.
I learned from the wiki that I can ask the permission to download those maps to the system administrators but I don’t know how to do it.
Is it necessary to make donations?
Please, every information is appreciated.

Thanks guys!

So you want to download a bunch of OSM based map tile graphics from the OSM server to use them offline in Marble … right?

Maybe you already know about OSM based tiles in general.

I found in the OSM wiki … there is an option to do a sleep time after a lot of tiles, so the tile server is not overloaded.

Oh thanks!
I’m using it and it works fine but if I choose levels 19 and 20 (I did not know about level 20) the tiles are not downloaded, in fact, “number of tiles” is 0.

Have you any experience with this very nice tool?


I have no practical experience with that tool, but:

The standard OSM tiles rendered with Mapnik at zoom level 19 were recently introduced in 2013, and JTileDownloader is a quite old tool.

So maybe there is a discrepancy about this zoom level when downloading.

If you cannot get more hints about that in this forum, try to ask at the wiki discussion page about JTileDownloader or at