MapWithAI / Microsoft Building footprints

gibt’s irgendwo ne gute Dokumentation zu dem Thema? Mir sind die Zusammenhänge noch nicht ganz klar… :sunglasses:

Eine Dokumentation wie das Plugin zu verwenden ist? Oder eine Dokumentation von dem Code des Plugins?
Ersteres hast du bereits selbst verlinkt.
Letzteres findest du hier: Kaart / JOSM_MapWithAI · GitLab
Die AI-Daten sind die gleichen wie in diesem Projekt hier: GitHub - facebook/RapiD: An editor for OpenStreetMap for mapping with AI-generated features.
Der RapiD Editor (Frontend) ist hier verfügbar: RapiD
Die Hauptseite ist hier:

Fehlt dir noch eine Information?

Den Zusammenhang mit MS footprints verstehe ich nicht.

Plugin author here:

I’m going to answer the question “Why does the plugin also download Microsoft buildings?” I’m going to hope that is what you were trying to ask.

Microsoft has made their buildings available for use in OpenStreetMap. The same endpoint that provides the AI detected roads from Meta/Facebook also provides buildings from Microsoft (using a query parameter). That endpoint also does the conflation for Esri-provided building datasets.

If you don’t want to get the buildings, you can disable that functionality by going to JOSM Preferences → MapWithAI preferences → Select the default MapWithAI entry in the Selected entries: list → edit button → Uncheck the buildings parameter in the Set parameters list.

@mcliquid : Heads up, I’ve moved development to GitHub - JOSM/MapWithAI .

Note: I’ve read this conversation through machine translation. I may have misunderstood something when I tried to figure out what was meant to be said/could have been said.


Ok, thanks.

BTW: There is an error message when starting JOSM:

SCHWERWIEGEND: Fehler beim Laden des Bildes 'MapWithAI'