MapwithAI Download/Upload blocked

Does anyone know how to fix this?
I use josm.jnlp and can upload just fine but when I use mapwithai it gives me this error.


You were probably editing in the MapWithAI layer. Select the objects you want to add, and use shift+a (default shortcut) or DataMapWithAIAdd data.

That will move the data from the MapWithAI layer the original OSM layer, which you can upload.

A nanosecond of hope, I wish this plugin was withdrawn, I kicked it out of my JOSM, the shape quality and alignment is just not up to snuff. The before and after of 1, and the whole area by same mapper whom I asked before to verify and correct where needed, which I was assured he did, is evidently not doing anything of the kind, the whole area all buildings look off by multiple degrees. Is that OK?

The whole area is off