Maptime Copenhagen Chapter

Hi OSMers in Denmark,

I’m very new to OSM editing but use it a lot as a base map and work a lot with editors around the world. I’d like to learn a lot more about OSM and GIS in general so took the initiative to create a Maptime Chapter in Copenhagen.

It’s a brilliant tool to get more people involved with OSM, particularly those in demographics where OSM isn’t widely used. My current idea would be to use it to hold educational workshops and mapping expeditions.
This is of course up to the OSMers of greater Copenhagen though so I am posting here to see who is interested in this initiative. If you are, let me know and we can start to flesh out how it should work.

Happy mapping!

Hi and welcome to OSM

Most of the active community in Denmark communicates through our mailiinglist and I don’t think many of us follow this forum.

I guess many mappers in Denmark are not aware either though.

Great initiative creating this chapter. I live in southwest Denmark and so I’m usually not really anywhere near Copenhagen, but I guess I’m without comparison the most active mapper in Denmark, so I allready signed up for the first Maptime event

Hi Hjart,

Thanks! Looking forward to learning more.

As Maptime grows I’m sure chapters will open up in Jutland as well. Given that you are known among Danish OSMers, and can speak Danish, it would be awesome if you could pass on the message regarding the event to the mailing list if someone hasn’t already.

Søren Johannesen posted a message to our mailinglist yesterday and that was how I learned about the event

I’ve reached out to a few universities as this is of relevance to Geography and Urban Planning departments. Hopefully we get a nice diverse crowd and some new people involved.