Mapsource wont load a 8 Mb map into a Etrex Legend C

New here, managed to load some of the maps available from the OSM Australia site into Mapsource. When I try to send one of the tiles to my GPS it gets 20% of the way through building the mapset then gives an error “The map set is approximately 8.8 MB, but only 24.0 MB is available in the destination. Please select fewer maps and try again.”
The tile is 8.8 MB, but I have successfully sent other mapsets (Tracks4Australia) consisting of multiple smaller tiles (~2 MB) adding up to 12 MB to the GPS before.
Anyone know why a 8.8 MB map won’t fit in 24.0 MB of space??
Thanks, Phil

When I had that problem with my own maps it was caused by not rebuilding a TDB file when I updated IMG files. Suggest you talk to the maintainers of that site, or download from

This is a fairly common message (see Strange Error Message: Not Enough Space) on this page for another suggestion:

Thanks for your replies. Interesting to read the “Strange Error Message: Not enough Space” but not their solution is not much help for me because the Etrex Legend C can’t load files directly (no option to use as USB mass storage or whatever it is). I will try a download from, although the tiles for Victoria are not very neat, with southern part of Vic part of the Tassie tile with all of Bass Strait included :slight_smile: . And I will try and contact the maintainer of the OSM Australia site.
Thanks again!