Mapsource crashes

After refreshing the NL-Cycle map with the windowsinstaller Mapsource crashes without any recovery possibility with the following message:

start quote
App: MapSource
At: 7/22/2009 8:50:55 PM (UTC)
OS: Windows Vista Service Pack 1
Processor: x86, Processor Level: 6, Processors:2, Model: 15 Stepping: 13, RAM: 2097151
Language ID: 1043
Part Number: 006-A0041-00
Build Type: Release
end quote
I noticed the installer finish more quickly then normally and only install 2 files: 12000000.img and 12000000.tdb. All the other .img files that normally would be installed don’t appear and the installer finishes more quicly then normally.
I cannot get MapSource to start. Did not yet try to reinstall evrything from scratch because I have the feeling that the problem resides with the downloaded data.

suggestions anyone? Thanks for the help,


The problem is likely your last install.

The .IMG and .TDB files you have created include pointers to the .IMG files that actually contain the map data. It’s may be too late this time, but it’s always a good idea to maintain a “last good working” folder, and copy your .IMG and .TDB files there before you start a new install. If there’s a problem, you can restore the old .IMG and .TDB files, MapSource will be happy. No need to re-install it.

Another, riskier option is to edit your Windows registry to delete the problem MapSource products. That would involve searching the registry for keys pointing to 12000000.img and 12000000.TDB, and deleting the keys. All in all, it’s probably safer to re-install MapSource.

What I just described above works with XP. I don’t have any experience with Vista, but I suspect it works in a similar way. If you have any commercial Garmin maps installed on your machine, you can check for the locations of their product.TDB and product.IMG files.

Think you might be right on the last install of the NL Cycle map being at fault. I wonder if simple Mapsource reinstall will cure this though. Still the installer only produces 2 files in de designated folder. It should contain much more .img files as far as I know from just a week ago.

br Hein

Ah, I found the problem: The NL topo and bicycle map generation process does not work currently. This is because the NL planet extract (from which this Garmin topo map is generated) isn’t updated properly due to XML errors. This ultimately originates from faulty exports from the main OSM website (they allow invalid characters to be exported into the XML planet dump).

So this is not a MapSource problem. We have to wait until a specific person of the Dutch OSM community is available again to manually fix the NL extract. Until then the NL topo map will be broken. Use the routable maps instead or fall back to an older download (sorry, I don’t have backups).