MapsetToolkit 1.77: *.img install problem


I own an old Garmin GPS2+ gps. I would like to connect it to my laptop using nRoute and to use OSM maps.
I have downloaded one of the last version of the world map and now, I try to install it on nRoute.

To do this, I use MapsetToolkit 1.77 and I followed this tutorial:

Everything seems to work properly. I even have the pop up message telling me the map has been installed.
However, the “Mapset Installed” window (in MapsetToolkit 1.77) remains empty and nRoute crashes because no map is installed.

The OS of my Laptop is Win 7 64. I am running everything as Administrator.
I don’t understand anymore, I was using MapsetToolkit and nRoute during last summer without any problem (and I went from France to Kazakhstan by car…)

Would you have any clue to fix this problem?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

I guess it might come from the registry stuff.
Is there any way to make sure the registry stuff has been eddited correctly?

The weird thing is when I chose 2 similar registry name in mapsettoolkit, it shows a error message.

Can we make/edit the registry or, is there any alternative to add a .img map in mapsource?

cgpsmapper and mkgmap don’t play well together. If the IMG was compiled w/ mkgmap, follow the “Map has TDB file” part of the tutorial. If you don’t have a TDB file and overview map you’ll need to make them using mkgmap. FWIW, nRoute isn’t the only thing that will crash when you try to intstall a mkgmap compiled map w/ cgpsmapper. MapSource and BaseCamp will crash as well. Fortunately, MapSetToolKit’s uninstall should set things right. Were you using OSM maps in Kazahkstan?

Zerbault, MapSetToolKit is a lot safer way to manage registry settings than a hand edit.

hi Seldom
Thanks for your reply.
I was trying using the “Map has TDB file” method but it doesn’t work.

What do you mean by uninstalling MapSetToolkit? Actually it seems there is no install for my version of this software, I just click the *.exe icon.
How do you proceed to uninstall?

Does my problem may come from the map itself? Would you suggest some url where to download world OSM maps (including all the *.img, *.tdb, overview.img, files)?

I did use OSM maps all the way from Goodwood, UK to Astana, KZ :wink: Actually OSM is a lot more accurate in Russia and Kazakhstan than Garmin maps :slight_smile:

You need a TDB, and overview map precompiled in mckgmap. The TDB will have a 4 digit FID pre-assigned, and if there’s a conflict with another mapset having the same FID MSTK will let you adjust the FID.

You don’t uninstall MapSetToolKit. You use it to Uninstall the offending mapset. Select the offending mapset in the “Mapsets Installed” window and press the Uninstall button. Get the version that installs in BaseCamp/MapSource. It will have the TDB and Overview built into the installer, and once you run the installer you should see the map in nRoute. MapSource/BaseCamp and nRoute all use the same registry settings. nRoute works fine on my Win7-64 machine.

Where did you get them from, and what installer did you use?

My problem is that there is nothing listed within the “Mapsets Installed” window.

Last year, I have downloaded a map from this website:

Thank you for the link, I will try this way. :slight_smile:

Just downloaded the Canary mapset from your computerteddy site, and it installed fine using MapSetToolKit. Are you sure you selected the correct IMG file for the overview map? Overview map and TDB should have the same name, and the overview map should not be the *_MDR.img. This is a mistake I’ve made several times.

Even with the *.exe map I downloaded on the link you gave, I can’t get it working.
I think it comes from my laptop, I will install win 7 32. I hope it will fix my problem.
Thanks a lot for your help mate :slight_smile:

Win7-64 works for me. Not running as Administrator but as system owner with Administrator privileges. Do you have BaseCamp or MapSource installed? BaseCamp is easiest.