Maps showing forest type

In planning my hikes, I would find it very useful to know where different types of forests are to be found across the map. Even having a basic distinction shown on the map between coniferous forests (e.g. fit, pine) and deciduous forests (e.g. beech, oak) would be very helpful. For instance, it makes more sense to hike in pine forests on snowless winter days than in oak forests.

However, none of the major web-based mapping services I know of (Google Maps, OSM, Bing Maps, etc.) seem to offer this. OSM comes closest, in that it at least shows a repeating “forest” icon on the map. However, even upon using “query features” for a given point on the map, the type of forest is never shown. Additional information is only shown for way types (paths, side-roads etc), but not for wild areas (shrubs, forests).

Pretty sure such mapping information on forest type exists at a smaller scale (e.g. local tourist maps, national park PDF maps, etc) - but is it also available on mapping websites that assemble such information over wide areas? My region of interest is Central Europe.

OSM shows the type of forest if someone mapped it:

Because this tool won’t work if you click in the inner side of a forest polygon. Areas on OSM are technically closed lines, not filled areas.

General consumer map application for navigation usually won’t have this. OSM takes effort to draw and identify then, or import compatible license dataset. For exact data, you want to find government and public organization data sources (eg Copernicus is an EU open data store, likely providing land-cover), ideally with a viewer visualizing it to allow direct browsing for you; or best, a map showing this directly. After extracting and processing, you add it as a separate layer, whether in OSMAnd, uMap, or whatever you are using. The Brouter website for planning bike and hiking trips requires a tile server for custom background layer, which is easier if you can already find a usable online map.