KML heading and follow

Greetings collective Genius,

Some context for my question, I ride motorcycles through the Rocky Mountains, often 300-400 miles a day, for a week or longer. Much of the routes I take are note “plannable” through traditional apps. Hence, I use Google My Maps to draw lines where I want to go, then export a KML into for the actual offline route finding (if anyone has a better offline solution I’d love to hear about it, though it must be ultra reliable and downloaded Google Maps are not). I can use great, but I cannot figure out how to get the map to use my current heading on the display, instead of the default always North heading. I also can’t figure out how to zoom the map on to my location, and get the map to follow my current location. Currently, I zoom out as far as I reasonably can, and then every 20 minutes or so adjust the map manually with my gloved hand.

Does anybody know how to make use my current locational heading as the “upright” position, and how to get the map to follow my current location?

Thank you all, your input is appreciated.


I don’t use but this might be helpfull:

p. 10: Auto-follow mode