MAPS.ME: Daily maps

Zverik had installed server which builds maps for MAPS.ME application every day.

Fresh maps are available on 6:00AM UTC
Link to files:

Original post (russian)

Wow. Was the format reverse-engineered? Because MAPS.ME a closed-source app, right? Please do tell the details! :wink:

This guy has some relation to company-developer of this application. Maybe he is working there. I do not know details. Looks like he is very smart guy.

Oh. So I will tell him some of my suggestions about, as it’s one of the best (or, least crappy) OSM apps. You know, it’s good overall, but some annoying details make for a sloppy experience. There’s a huge gap between good and perfect :wink:

AFAIK, he joined team not so long ago.

IMHO it is better to send email to support. However support is not so responsive as would like to be.