Maps for hiking in the Alps?

I’m considering buying a Garmin, because I’m tired of my phone discharging after just few hours of GPS usage.
But after some research, I cannot find any maps for the Alps that are not horrible.
What I found so far:

  1. Basic Garmin map built into the device - only main roads, not suitable for hiking.

  2. Garmin paid topo maps - only for US from what I see.

  3. Opentopomap - the online version is satisfying, but the one downloaded from lacks even contour lines.
    When you scroll to the mountains area far from the villages, you only get some trails marked, so it’s not even worth paying for a color screen :slight_smile:

  4. There are a lot of good maps online, like, but is there any way to have them on garmin?

tl;dr: Any good hiking/mountaineering maps for garmin?

Its not a dedicated hiking map but you can try my bicycle map of the Alps: