Maps do not display in Mapsource (Linux)

Hello everyone!

I’m new here and happy to be part of this community. Hopefully I’ll be able to contribute in some way instead of just asking questions.

Here’s my problem:

I’m running Mapsource in Ubuntu, using Wine, and everything is alright except for the fact that the maps do not display at all. I can select the PC basemap and my various OSM/openMTB maps, so Mapsource seems to think they have loaded, but I only get grid lines. Zooming doesn’t help: there are no yellow bits to zoom in on anywhere (I’m referring to an answer that was given in another thread).

On my girlfriend’s Windows pc, everything works fine, but I obviously don’t want to use Windows, especially now that I’ve got Mapsource running under Ubuntu. Does anyone have an idea what the problem might be?

What version of MapSource do you use?

I use MapSource V6.13.7 under wine on Linux (openSuSE in my case). It has some minor quirks in this setup but it is usable.

Newer versions of MapSource do not work out of the box on wine. I got them to run setting some options in the wine config (See the MapSource entry in the wineHQ software database which options are needed) but these will then make the 6.15.x and 6.16.x versions of MapSource unbearably slow when rendering the maps. So I stick with the older MapSource 6.13.7 on Linux.

Micha H.

Thanks for the information. I am running 6.16.2 at the moment. Maybe I should download an older version and see whether I can get it to run successfully.


I’ve made Mapsource 6.16.2 work with wine 1.3.13 (this is a beta) (ubuntu 10.10). It works fine, although it’s a bit slow.