[Maproulette] TagFix Challenge always returns "Oops, your changes could not be saved"

I have tried to create multiple challenges using the new cooperative “TagFix” type challenge. I generate the GeoJSON using python, and I can upload it and the tasks are built without problems.

However, when trying to commit a change in such a MapRoulette Challenge, it always returns the error “Oops, your changes could not be saved”.

What is the problem? How can it be debugged?

Here is an example line from my GeoJSON (although I don’t think the problem lies there, as the challenge can be built without problems)

{"type": "FeatureCollection", "features": [{"type": "Feature", "geometry": {"type": "Point", "coordinates": [13.4495432, 48.567051]}, "properties": {"@id": "relation/272138", "latitude": 48.567051, "longitude": 13.4495432}}], "cooperativeWork": {"meta": {"version": 2, "type": 1}, "operations": [{"operationType": "modifyElement", "data": {"id": "relation/272138", "operations": [{"operation": "setTags", "data": {"name": "Wörthstraße"}}]}}]}}

Please open questions for help and support in the appropriate category. Thanks.

I opened my question in the category that other MapRoulette questions are in and are answered in (“General Talk”, Tag: “maproulette”), and as far as I can see you moved it to the category “Help and Support” where it doesn’t seem to belong.

You have a point, any other maproulette support question should be moved to the help and support category too.

Tags are independent of categories - you can use (and search for) tags anywhere you like. It makes sense to keep “Help and Support” stuff in one category - it makes general browsing easy. If you don’t want the “post voting” style of question that that category defaults to you can turn it off (there’s a “remove post voting” option available if you click the link above the title.

However - it must be said that Discourse is horribly complicated and confusing in this area. As can be seen from this screen:

Screenshot 2024-05-22 110147

there are two identically worded options there, and they do different things!

Could you open an issue on the MapRoulette Github repository please?