Maproulette helipad

Just noticed, maproulette contributors convert aeroway=helipad from nodes to areas, where on site there is no helipad, but a mere emergency=landing_site. Anybody care to create a challenge to do OTG justice?

That should probably go back to whoever created that Challenge to write better instructions, telling people not to do that, & only map a helipad when there is one actually there.

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You can contact the challenge owner at any time

note that requires logging into MR and giving MR some permissions (though AFAIK they are not doing anything nefarious with it)

You can also contact that specific user by writing to Binnette | OpenStreetMap

you can also report (flag) challenge at MR but it basically has no effect except marking challenge as flagged


I have no game with maproulette. I just tagged some helipads that I consider an emergency landing site, e.g. Node: 11386514316 | OpenStreetMap – by putting a corresponding node into the centre of the 14 of 62 or so areas mapped as heliport. I did not bother with the other 30 or so heliports mapped as a node.

My take from this: It is not possible to decide this without local knowledge, in fact, even for a local it is hard.

I did not remove anything, people want to have their mappings shown in standard view, no complaints from me.