MapRoulette Challenges

Hi everyone! I posted the message below to the mailing list as well, but as it seems very quiet there, I thought I’d try the forum as well. Let me know if you have any questions.

Hi everyone —

I was looking at MapRoulette again and seeing some progress on the new Canada challenges I put up recently. Here’s an overview:

Bad Ramp Angles: 478 total, 478 remaining
Connectivity Errors: 54 total, ALL FIXED
Miscategorized Links: 146 total, 146 remaining
More Overlapping Ways: 890 created, 890 remaining
One Way Loops: 4 total, ALL FIXED
Typos: 502 total, 497 remaining
Unexpected Dead Ends: 27 total, 13 remaining
Unnamed Roads: 634 total, 545 remaining
Untagged Links: 90 total, 2 remaining
Ways Needing Smoothing: 119 total, 115 remaining
Wrong One Ways: 4 total, ALL FIXED

There are equivalent challenges for the US as well - if you would like a similar update for those, I can provide that. If you find this useful or fun or both - I can post these stats weekly :slight_smile: There is also for some more / different metrics!