Maproulette challenges: Tesla Stores

I created two new challenge about completing Tesla Motors stores:

If someone want to help (or suggest), you are welcome! :slight_smile:

This is my fist challenge, please be kind. Sources are here
(BTW I don’t know if we can promote challenge here)

I doubt that information scraped from can be compatible with the ODbL license of OSM.
You’d better make sure it is before adding anything to the map.

Thank you for your comment.
As datas come from the brand’s website to complete the brand’s stores and not an index/directory (taht probably paid for this data), I’m asking what is the difference with taking phone number from townhall website?

I am no expert and I’m not saying you’re doing anything wrong. But wait for someone who knows more about it to give you a confirmation before proceeding with the addition of the information.

does it qualify for Database right - Wikipedia if we take listing of all stores from brands website listing their own stores? Single phone number definitely does not qualify, here I would prefer to check this first.

Tesla is a company in the United States, and the United States doesn’t have a “database right”. What it has is a longstanding series of court rulings stating that bare facts cannot be copyrighted.

Challenge is worldwide one, what includes EU/UK where law is different.